Thursday, June 16, 2005


GET IT? LOVE LIVE!? Like Love Life, but LIVE for ppl to see... no? You dont? A go screw your cat!

Yeah, seeing as this is a BLOG. People want to know what goes on in my LOVE LIFE.

Well it is going to be day-by-day basis of what I did... with love LIFE!

Day1 in BlogVilee
Captains Digital Log Entry#23433

The edge of space seems farfetched to me.
Today I met this chick in the bar. By using the ULTIMATE PickUPLINE!
Be prepared!

“You must be a parking ticket because you’ve got “fine” written all over you.”

It worked like a charm. From then it was only a matter of seconds before she was The ONE! (Yes, a female Neo, tasty). I quickly rang for Spark. I leaded her to a dark alleyway. There was nothing in it, just a broken telephone. Suddenly it rang, I told her to pick it up. She did.
She was gone. But I didnt go through. I was too keep searching for a more girls, becuase I am going to throw biggest party in the CAVERNS EVER!

Does that just wanna make you party! YEAH!
Thanks too smooth talking I got one more girl for the PARTY!


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