Friday, September 15, 2006

The necessity to uphold my life

Don't cry really it isn't that sad.
It's just an opening line, and if it really was that good
I would've been famous by now. Technically I'm famous, well
at least to those that know me.

You see I'm famous for my utterly ridiculous way that I believe
that I'm famous. I know this is awkard for you and me, but
you have to live with it. It's just one of THOSE things. THOSE
things you ask?
Yes, like having to live with the fact that the next door girl
isn't really that hot, which is a sin, cause they are supposed to
be. (P.S. - If you're the girl next door, really I was talking about
someone else.)
How about knowing that once you lick you elbow you're classified as

You know THOSE kinda things. SO where was I?
Oh, yes, so I said, that you can open the can and chuck it in. Then everyone
laughed! Wait, nope wrong 'where was I?' Hehe now that line looks a punchline
in search of a joke.

I'm weird. And by know you should've known that! If you don't then go somewhere else
where I can sleep peacefully and wake me up and tell me you don't know I'm weird, because then I can hit real hard, because you're weird.

Thanks for your time. I know it was well spent and don't pity me. Please! GO! Shoo get a life!


P.S. - I finally got a half-a-girlfriend!


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