Friday, September 15, 2006

The necessity to uphold my life

Don't cry really it isn't that sad.
It's just an opening line, and if it really was that good
I would've been famous by now. Technically I'm famous, well
at least to those that know me.

You see I'm famous for my utterly ridiculous way that I believe
that I'm famous. I know this is awkard for you and me, but
you have to live with it. It's just one of THOSE things. THOSE
things you ask?
Yes, like having to live with the fact that the next door girl
isn't really that hot, which is a sin, cause they are supposed to
be. (P.S. - If you're the girl next door, really I was talking about
someone else.)
How about knowing that once you lick you elbow you're classified as

You know THOSE kinda things. SO where was I?
Oh, yes, so I said, that you can open the can and chuck it in. Then everyone
laughed! Wait, nope wrong 'where was I?' Hehe now that line looks a punchline
in search of a joke.

I'm weird. And by know you should've known that! If you don't then go somewhere else
where I can sleep peacefully and wake me up and tell me you don't know I'm weird, because then I can hit real hard, because you're weird.

Thanks for your time. I know it was well spent and don't pity me. Please! GO! Shoo get a life!


P.S. - I finally got a half-a-girlfriend!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Epochal Return

DO'H! Dont you just hate double posts.... grrr. *Woof* *

* Technically this could be staged so that you think its a double post. Muhahahahaha!

Epochal Return

Yay! I have returned from the neverending story (That was a cool movie) of life...

For years I have pondered the real reason of blogs, well actually from my first post which is June 14 and I am jovial to say that I have finally found it.

It is to write about stuff I like! (Dont laugh it took a long time to find it).

Well I like writing and bands and stuff. So check for the occasional short story and some more funny humor stuff that you can enjoy.

Well lets see what I have done in the last 4 months...

>> Wrote alot
>> Ate alot
>> Walked alot
>> Breathed alot
>> Winked alot
>> Showered Less

Anyway... kudos to all and check to see a story soon.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Its been ages... I think

I dust the my dust-strewn eyebrows and clumsily snort a sigh of relief. Its been days, even months since I came back this god-forsaken territory.

Its been a time of turmoil for me, as I have lost a dear mascot, my PC MASCOT! He was called Fish. Yes plain and simple Fish. He has been solemnly replaced by Evil-Eyes, my wind warrior! Maybe one day in the future I will show this rare marvel to the public.

Ok now that I got the mourning out of me lets continue. Hmmm... yes.... now.... *sniff*... um.... yeah... so.... um.... how.... what.... did..... I..... do..... since my last visit to this land. (I got tired of writing the ....)


This is o cool. It actuallyhones your clicking skills.... hey the 'o' got stuck! OMG I missed an 's' in the beggining and I cant old backspace in! Hey he 'j' looks like 'i' on this! Now I an pwn those evn arder. Crud i keep missing letters!


Man that is so tedious! Look at all those erors.. <- actual eror <- om my word I did it again... NOT! That I did on purpose....

So yeah... you wanna know what I did since the last post... well I uh.... well... HAD SOME FUDGE, BILTONG and shot 5 Bucks! Now leave me alone.... Capishe!? You oonderstand!?

Thursday, June 16, 2005


GET IT? LOVE LIVE!? Like Love Life, but LIVE for ppl to see... no? You dont? A go screw your cat!

Yeah, seeing as this is a BLOG. People want to know what goes on in my LOVE LIFE.

Well it is going to be day-by-day basis of what I did... with love LIFE!

Day1 in BlogVilee
Captains Digital Log Entry#23433

The edge of space seems farfetched to me.
Today I met this chick in the bar. By using the ULTIMATE PickUPLINE!
Be prepared!

“You must be a parking ticket because you’ve got “fine” written all over you.”

It worked like a charm. From then it was only a matter of seconds before she was The ONE! (Yes, a female Neo, tasty). I quickly rang for Spark. I leaded her to a dark alleyway. There was nothing in it, just a broken telephone. Suddenly it rang, I told her to pick it up. She did.
She was gone. But I didnt go through. I was too keep searching for a more girls, becuase I am going to throw biggest party in the CAVERNS EVER!

Does that just wanna make you party! YEAH!
Thanks too smooth talking I got one more girl for the PARTY!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I ate Banana Flavoured Chips today!

*snore* weeezzzz

What uh... yeah!

So I woke up again, wrote exam today again in my life of repetitivenessness...ness (ooh I created a PUN!).

I wonder why people make BLOGS? It is a strange yet weird and menacing phenomenon.
I mean why do people want to read about your social life? Mine life certainly is boring (see PUN above)! It is repetitive and sooner or later you're BLOG will too! Mine is a exception so LIVE WITH IT!

So what is the lesson you learn kids?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Welcome to Buhlohgeh!

Yes, this is weird... I am actually making a BLOG!

The very bane of evil I am against, the way of Blogging has encapsulated me. Like they say cant beat em, join em.

This BLOG is going to be about all that is lame about BLOGGING and the occasional rant!
I will start of by saying what I did today.

> Woke Up
> Wrote Exams
> Ran around Naked in the Shower
> Saved Mischief from Pool
> And wrote this ( Actually I cant write this as I havent actually posted this, seeing as this creates a paradox I will now give myself a rubber chicken with pulley in to ley myself through the gate!)